The training/internship provides students with first hand experience and supplements the theories they have learned in the classroom. It allows them to draw upon various concepts to solve complex, real world problems faced by small and medium sized organizations. It provides the business with an opportunity to have students with fresh ideas work on an issue or a problem currently facing the business. Each student must submit a report and make a presentation about his training

The course addresses aspects of managing an estabished family business, on a day to day basis and planning for succession to the next generation: values, life cycles, marketing strategies, succession, conflict resolution, communication, legal and financial aspects, estate planning, governence and philanthropy

Examines entrepreneurship in other countries by focusing on the unique opportunities and problems associated with the particular country being studied. Comparisons are made between the host country and the United States. General issues related to doing business across national boundaries are included. This course is taught only outside the United States. Special attention is given to the entrepreneurship in the context of EU, Asia, and GCC countries

Focuses on creating or finding new business opportunities, technologies or processes, and managing the change necessary to incorporate them into the firm. An emphasis is placed on evaluation, planning, and leadership. Special attention is given to the innovation and change management in the business environment of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries

This course intends to develop your knowledge and understanding of marketing in the smaller enterprise. In particular, the course is designed to put marketing theory into practice at the level of the smaller firm.  The smaller firm by its very nature allows for the integration of theory and practice and requires students to take a holistic approach to marketing in the real world. Moreover, this course focuses on the study of techniques used to make organizations profitable, and identify customers’ needs when operating with a limited budget during the early stages of a start-up or in a small to medium sized firm. In addition, it will help students to develop skills in applying basic marketing principles and high impact sales and promotion techniques in an integrated manner to produce a practical, cost-effective action plan for start-ups and smaller firms. Special attention is given to the experiences of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries.

Skills and behavior of the entrepreneur

Focusing on entreprenuership offers students the practical direction and active approach to starting and running businesses of their own. The course offers a road map framework, which emphsizes the key tasks and milestones in business

Preparation is the key to success in any business venture. Whether you are starting a new business, growing an established business or launching a new product or service, solid business planning will prevent unexpected problems and help you realise your dreams. This course intends to help you achieve effective business planning