This course focuses on the role played by ethics and behaviour in the life of the individual and the society, and in enhancing the social security of the Ummah and the whole of mankind being a characteristic of necessary for the stability of any society. The course focuses on Islamic morals and ethics, which are based on the principle of reward and punishment and not on personal interest and like-treatment, which are considered un-Islamic. The course also clarifies that some morals are innate and some are acquired through education received in the house or in other educational and social institutions, and by proper upbringing. Ethics are also related to study in all fields of education. The course also deals with social security as one of the aspects of civilisation and as it has impact on the environment and natural surroundings and animal life. Also, how the elderly and the disabled are cared for, represent an important part of this course which also tackles the issues related to establishing security in the society and abiding by its laws and regulations as manifested in those related to traffic, sanitation, water, electricity, etc. which the Muslim is encouraged not to waste.