This course aims at introducing the students to the various contemporary religions and doctrines in order that the students recognize the greatness of Islam and its usefulness to all mankind. The course deals in a comprehensive and well-documented way with all the issues mentioned above. It investigates the divine religions of Judaism and Christianity, and the sects and groups resulted thereof such as Masonry, Orientalism, Evangelism as ways of intellectual and cultural invasion. The course also looks into Buddhism, Confucianism and Hinduism as examples of non-divine religions that are widespread in India, China, Japan and other southeastern Asian countries. This course also studies some contemporary doctrines, which have religious presence such as the Batinism, Ismaelism, Nusairism, Qadianism, Babism, Bahaism, as well as other materialistic and atheistic creeds such as Communism, or corruptive ones such as Secularism, Existentialism and Nationalism